Meet Mydra L. Kelly, 

Not living  a dream,  its’ reality! She is a creative, eclectic, innovative, inspirational, spiritual, empowering, intelligent and phenomenal woman who has a colorful tapestry of experiences that have come together to make her a great person to work for or with. She loves God, life, Love and people and she enjoys helping everyone. People are her passion, and her mission is helping  individuals, organizations and groups learn how to live their best lives by relating well. Effective, positive, healthy communication is the key to all things in life…relationships personal, business, spiritual, and other. Mydra believes that if you cannot communicate properly; you will never be effective at anything in life. In order to have a happy life, a happy wife, (or husband) a happy family, church, business or cooperation; there must be good communication.

Her entire life’s goal has been spent in learning how to do this and teaching others how to do it effectively. She believes that everything in life revolves around this primary key component in one way or another. Everything that people do from business to personal relationships, to entertainment deals with communication; effective communication.

If you can think it, Mydra Kelly and Creative Communique’ team can help you communicate it effectively and creatively. No matter how large or small; we can assist you with all of your communications needs.  For a more detailed list of services please visit our website at and follow on my blog at Mydra’s Musings at WordPress.com.