Remember who you are even when others forget

Have you ever heard people referring to you as someone or something that you have never associated yourself with? You hear them talking about you and sometimes even to you, and you find yourself wondering…who in the world are they talking to or about?  They couldn’t be talking about me or referring to me, could they?  Then you ask yourself this next question…Don’t they know who I am? Where I’ve been? What I’ve done?  Really? They’re calling you last when you know that you are first. They call you beneath when you’ve always been above. They’re acting like they really don’t know, but they need to ask somebody!

Now here is some hard real truth. Sometimes they do know, but they just act as though they have forgotten because they choose not to remember.  Sometimes they don’t know because they have never known that person or seen you operate from those parameters, and sometimes they have had a dose of selective amnesia because you are finally at the place they’ve always wanted you to be; the place where you have forgotten who you are so it’s easier for them to act like they have too.

Sometimes they don’t want to remember how fabulous and talented, how gifted, creative and intelligent you are because then they have to be reminded of the fact they maybe they aren’t.  Sometimes they don’t want anyone to realize that amazing person who did this or achieved that is you. Oh yeah they remember, but because it appears that you don’t; they are happy to oblige you in forgetfulness. Finally, they think… he’s/she’s not that special after all because if you don’t remember why should anyone else?

Oh but trust me there is still somebody out there who knows you, I mean the real you. They remember how wonderful and amazing you are. They know about all of your greatness and splendor. They recall a time when everybody else knew it too, including you. They are wondering when will you emerge again? Will the real you please stand up. They miss you because they remember.

So when will you remember who you really are/? When will you get back into circles where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Where people aren’t taking advantage of your off-season and treating you like the help. When will you stop being someone else’s back up, when clearer they know better than you that you are supposed to be the star of the show. You’d better get back in position because that person trying to take your place has the universe out-of-order. What God created you to do can only be successfully accomplished when you’re doing it. You are messing up the equilibrium of the world.

Sure many are doing your job okay, but He deserves better than just okay. He deserves spectacular! So you better get your act together and stop worrying about whether or not they remember. You remember who you are, even when others forget…



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