Don’t die in winter…

It is the third day of March and most of us have experienced exceptionally different climates in the past couple of months. We were supposed to be in the thick of winter, and bam! There was that weather that felt like Spring and even Summer time. It fooled us for a minute, but then before we knew it here would come the cold again. Climates can be tricky like that. As soon as you settle in for one kind of weather, here comes another.  Life can be this way at times too.  As soon as we have finally adjusted to it being one way, it changes the game on us. You know how it is. You become accepting of where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with; then all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky here comes the snow and it’s time to go. Right about the time you manage to convince yourself that the rain might not be so bad after all since it appears the sun is never going to shine again; then here comes the sun shining smack dab amidst the showers.  And by golly snow is on the top of the roof and you tell yourself and everyone else that nothing will ever bloom here again because that season of your life is over!  It’s cold and everything looks drab and dead, but wait a minute…doe I see flowers blooming in the winter time?

I was doing a seminar a week or so ago and one of the attendees came up afterwards to share with me. In our conversation, she reminded me of a book that we had both read and been blessed by entitled “Don’t die in the winter”.  I had really forgotten all about this wonderful read until she reminded me, and then it all started coming back to me. You see our lives like everything else go through seasons. However, just as the weather seasons are confusing us these days, the seasons of life also follow suit. Thais is why you can’t get caught up in  what you see and feel. You have to keep checking the forecast and always be ready for sudden change. Here in the south we learn how to do this well. You carry a couple of different clothing attires just in case there is a sudden change. Anything is possible.

I remember some years ago when I lived just outside of New Orleans. I had just started trying my hand at gardening. Someone had given me a large hibiscus plant because I often commented on how much I loved the beautiful flowers when they were in full bloom. I worked with my plant the entire summer and fall hoping to have success and beautiful flowers, but it never would bloom. I moved it from the side patio to the front patio, and as a last resort to the bottom floor beneath some trees. This was the last stop before the trash dumpster around the way. Then this particular morning it was the beginning of winter and particularly chilly for these parts; I was rushing out of my front door running a little bit late and somewhat discombobulated.  I dropped my things as I was going down the stairs and when I turned to pick them up there it was. I probably would have missed it had I not had the blunder. However, it caught my eye and it was the most beautiful reddish-orange flower I had ever seen. I paused for just a moment as I took the beauty of it into myself before I hurried to my car.

All along my drive I just kept thinking…but it’s winter time. How could it be blooming in winter time? It didn’t make sense to me, but it was so refreshing and invigorating. It kept me smiling even as I shivered from the cold. The thing that had seemed to be unfruitful, past it’s season, dead and non-producing had brought forth life. Now let’s be  clear, also that it was not just life, but beautiful life! It was glistening beneath the frost bite like it had showed up right on time and was supposed to be there,.and I believe that it was. So you see, just like that hibiscus,  you can’t die in the winter because perhaps it is the season that was intended for you to bloom, right where you are planted…





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