Don’t call the game too soon…

Okay, so what about that Superbowl game everybody? Did you guys see how that game changed? I turned on the game and found a score of 28 to 3 and figured okay, clearly this is an upset for New England Patriot  fans? A dear friend who s a football fanatic called and we spoke for a few minute right before half-time, and I shared my thoughts. His only reply was, “It’s still anybody’s game; until  the final minutes… it ain’t over until it’s over.”

Well I must admit that to my natural eye with a 25 point lead going into the second half, it seemed pretty clear-cut to me, but I’m no football guru. I went on doing other things, napping, eating, and channel surfing. By the time I returned  to the game there was a tie and the game was going into overtime. Just that quickly New England had caught up to the Atlanta Falcons, upset the entire game and well as you know, the rest is history.

So now this brings me to you. Perhaps there are places in your life where you feel like are behind in the game and it seems like it’s almost impossible for you to catch up and  win. Think again my friend! Things aren’t always as they appear. You have to keep on playing the game as though winning is still an option. If you give up too soon you are sure to lose, but if you think that you still have a chance at winning, then the odds are in your favor.

It is important that you do not give up, but play hard until the very end. You must keep playing the game with one goal in mind, winning. Even when you don’t see any points on your score board and it appears you are defeated, perhaps it’s just an illusion. You must go into your mind’s eye and supernaturally see yourself a winner. Then act like the outcome is that you win. You were created to be a winner. This means you’ve already won you just have to catch up to yourself. When your attitude stays here nothing else really matters.

So don’t get caught up by what you see on the outside, it’s what you believe and see on the inside that counts. Use your internal mirror and remember, you have what you say.  Keep fighting, keep working, keep striving, keep moving , keep praying, keep believing until the victory is recovered because it’s already won. It ain’t over until it’s over. Don’t call the game too soon…



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