You don’t have to wait to celebrate!

Since the beginning  of the year we’ve been talking about getting there and how to do that step by step. So today I want to take a brief moment and just encourage you to give yourself a little credit. It’s Friday and for most of us that means the end of a work week. Even if you are not on a conventional job you’ve been working on something. If nothing else, you’ve made it from Monday until today. You may not have accomplished everything that you wanted to, but I’ll bet you’re not where you were when we started out on Monday. Even if you’re saying, “yes I am”. I’m saying, “No you’re not!”

You are not where you were then because we are in a new day at a new time and even if you didn’t do anything else, you stayed alive. That’s something to celebrate! Maybe things could be a lot better, and you could have or should have done more, and you may not have gotten through or to all that you hoped, but you’re still here! You were strong enough, smart enough, and resourceful enough to make it to another day whatever that took. You did it!

So now it’s time to celebrate. That’s right, that’s what I said, celebrate! Pat yourself on the back; give yourself a little credit and say I made it. Then look forward to things being better tomorrow and do what you can to see that it happens, but you don’t have to wait to celebrate. I’m giving you permission to celebrate on credit! Take your hooray off lay-away and remember what joy will feel like when you really get there. Practice makes perfect right? So practice feeling good about you and your accomplishments no matter how small they are.

Do a little dance, have a piece of chocolate, take a bubble bath, hug someone you love, hug yourself, throw a praise party! Whatever your feel good remedy is, as long as it’s legal, not lethal and loving toward you; give yourself a dose and celebrate now.Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, but today is here. Why wait? Celebrate something today!




One thought on “You don’t have to wait to celebrate!

  1. That’s certainly the Word for today! I shared this with my Mom and sister when I visited her in Harlem and we all did a little dance and said, Hallelujah!

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