Step by step…

Have you ever been fortunate enough to observe a little one taking those first powerful steps?  If you have, then you understand why I am calling them powerful. They are powerful because before the baby actually took those steps; he/she probably crawled, wobbled  and even fell down quite a few times. It may have taken a while to get balanced and to be able to stand up tall.

However, the beauty of it all is the lesson that babies teach us. They teach us resiliency, tenacity, courage and faith. You see, even though it may take them a minute to get it together, they keep at it. Sure babies may wobble, but they keep trying. They may fall, but they keep getting back up and trying it again. Now here is the best part of all; until they can actually stand and step; they will crawl and scoot or even scream for somebody to pick them up if they cannot do it all by themselves.

I would say that we all need to pay attention to the antics of these wise little people. Yesterday I talked about getting there. I ended with the challenge to start moving. I am going to issue that same challenge on today, but with a clause. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a little credit. Like the babies, maybe you too have been scooting, wobbling and falling as you try to get there. Don’t get discouraged, get up! Get up and try again until finally you are able to stand on your own two feet and take a step. Then just keep stepping.

Oh, and by the way, take another tip from the babies. If you see that you cannot do it all by yourself, cry out and ask for help. Don’t let pride stop you from getting the help you need. Perhaps you have not because you ask not, so ask.  Finally, take courage my friends and just step out on faith. Faith is not seeing every step ahead, but stepping out anyway in the belief that it will be okay. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Don’t worry about falling. Babies aren’t concerned with that. They’re just curious to see how far they can travel in order to make it to the next step.  You can make it to the next step too, so just take one step at a time. Before you know it you’ll be on a journey you may have never imagined!

I’m rooting for you, keep stepping!





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