Are we there yet?

Okay, so here we are in the last day of the first month of another new year. Thirty-one days in…334 more to go. So I want to pose the question; Are we there yet?  Are you there yet? Now I know many of you are probably saying,  “What is she talking about now?”  Well, let me clear it up for you just a little bit.

At the beginning of each new year we turn a new page, start a new chapter, clean the slate and supposedly begin again, right? So that’s why I’m  asking the question; Are we there yet?  Because surely a month has been enough time to at least have traveled a good distance. At least that’s what we all assume anyway.

Somehow it seems like times just flies though, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re having fun or not. I mean, is it really January 31, 2017? Seems to me I was just saying good-bye to 2016 yesterday and we’re already on the eve of February, which by the way will here tomorrow and gone the next day practically. If we are not careful we could look up and already be in June! Yes, that soon.

I know it’s shocking and scary particularly because you haven’t lost one pound on your thirty-day diet yet, and you’ve paid the gym fees for the month, but the treadmill hasn’t carried you a step. You were supposed to find that new job, start looking for that new house, get out of the bad relationship or become a better spouse, but dang time just crept up on you. You just haven’t had time to do any of those positive, life transforming resolution type things that you promised yourself you would do.

You haven’t scheduled the doctor appointment or gone back to church or called to make amends with that old friend; so to answer my own question…No, we’re not there yet because some of us are still trying to figure out where there is, and how to get there even if we have a GPS.  Yet wait a minute, it’s okay. We may not be there, but we are still here, and that has to count for something, right?

It does. It means we’re not dead and that is a blessing.  However, lets not take being here for granted, and continue using  it not only as an excuse for not being there yet, but for going nowhere.  Let’s take the initiative to start moving; step by step, day by day, minute by minute, month by month until finally we can answer; Well ,  I may not be there yet, but I’m certainly on my way! Let’s live life on purpose in 2017, and whatever we do, let’s not stop trying to get there because that really is the only way it’s going to happens. So let’s get moving people!




One thought on “Are we there yet?

  1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, the time creeps up rather quickly. I’m trusting God to help me walk in integrity and daily thrust all my anxious thoughts on Him…step by step.

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