Love, forgiveness, and peace…

I have recently had the opportunity to have some very awesome spiritual experiences again. Quiet times of prayer, meditation and  reflection, as well as just tremendous fellowship!  I sat in a prayer meeting with someone who was very dear to me earlier in the week. We spoke no words, yet communication was stronger than ever. When you are able to sit in silence with another person, and be comfortable it is a beautiful thing.  When you can speak to the one who is bigger than both of you, and know that all of the unspoken request and blessings that you are wishing for that person; are being transmitted to the one who has the ability to bring them to pass on your behalf. You can walk away relieved and confident that the one that you love will be well.

The word of reflection on this particular occasion was Love. Patient, kind, forgiving,long-suffering…these are just a few of the spiritual attributes of love. However, the greatest definition of love is God because God is love. Therefore it is the light in us that exemplifies the love of God to others. We cannot however, show love toward others if love is not present inside of us for ourselves. So the first order of loving is to love God, and then to love yourself. This therefore allows the love within to love those who are outside of you.

When you have obtained the essence of love, then peace will follow.  I went to my first labyrinth walk on last night and it was the epitome of peace. The room was peaceful, the music was peaceful, the other people were peaceful, and I was peaceful. All the goodness that was within was absorbed by everything outside and it all became one big circle of peace. I could commune with the creator and He in turn could speak back to me because the peace allowed his voice to be heard. As I walked the path; my path, I humbled myself asking him for divine wisdom and guidance and he granted my request.  He also gave me correction, chastisement and instruction, which ultimately was him showing me love.

My next stop was in the place of forgiveness where I learned that it is important to say what you mean ans mean what you say. Now I’ve been saying this for years. However, saying something and living it are two very different dynamics. We say and some of us pray, ‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors… What does this really mean?  It would appear that we are asking for something that we are already giving to others.  Often this is not the case at all. Instead we are asking for something that we refuse to give another including ourselves.

Remember however where we began? We began with the light of love, which is  God on the inside of us. Therefore  if God is love and love is forgiveness then why do we withhold it?  The love nor the forgiveness inside of us was given to keep, but it was given to share and to empty and pour upon the world who needs its healing balm. From this the outcome is Peace.  Internal peace that causes external peace. What is nurtured on the inside shows up or is manifested on the outside.

So you see, everything that you need is present, but you must receive it. In order to receive, you must believe and in order to maintain you must give it away. The more love you give, the more you will get. The more forgiveness you extend, the greater the extension of mercy  and grace that will come back to you. The more at peace you became internally, the more peaceful the world around you will become because every where you go peace will reside because you bring it with you. So take some time to meditate on this today. Sing, sit, pray. Communicate with God and with goodness and embrace love, forgiveness and peace, but don’t forget to give some away!





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