I’ve been back on the east coast and I must admit that I’ve missed it so. There is something about these parts that are like no other. The people are different. The energy is different. The vibe and the rhythm is one that makes you want to move, and create and just …live! Even for a southern girl like me, there is something about this place that just grabs my heart. Wait a minute! I think that that’s it?  It’s captured my heart!

You know the saying that home is where the heart is? Well I concur. Home is where the heart is. Home is the place where your heart resides, and it may not necessarily be geographical or spacial. Sometimes it’s that place that you think about, and  it makes a smile comes to your face, and it just makes you feel good. It’s the place that reminds you of why you wake up and keep breathing everyday, and it may also be the place that takes your breath away.

Often it is not the city, state or area that perhaps you grew up in; at least not physically. Instead, it is the place that you “grew up” in. That place where you learned how to take care of yourself; sometimes because there was no one else there to do it for you . It’s the place where you fell in love, or maybe where love caught you when you least expected it. Maybe it’s the place where you found your first little modest apartment, but you fixed it up to be uniquely yours…

Now even though you may have more space, and better furniture and you live in a nicer neighborhood; still when you think about that place; it just feels like home. Home is the place where love lives. The place where when you show up again, whether it’s been a few hours or a few years, you are welcomed as though you’ve been a way  for far too long. But now that you’ve returned, everyone there is happy that finally, you are home.

Home is a beautiful thing! Even if you only get to be there for a little while. It refreshes you, and nurtures you. It gives you the boost you need to get going again. So you cherish it and hold every experience like it was delicate glass because you don’t want to damage even the memory.  It’s sacred.  Maybe it’s time for some of you to go home, come home, or find home.  It really is a beautiful thing.

So put on the ruby slippers of your heart. Call and book a flight. Catch a train or find the mega bus. Jump in your car and take a road trip!  Even if you can’t do any of those things at this present time; you can close your eyes and  journey like Dorothy did…now repeat after me; there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

Welcome home! Enjoy.






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