I want you to do me a favor. In a moment, I want you to get up and go and find a calendar, a real one. One that is on the wall or in your purse or day planner. I would prefer it not to be on your iPhone or android because I want this to be ritualistic. This means I want you to physically do something.  I want you to get an ink pen…blue, black, purple, red whatever you fancy as long as it writes. I want you to circle today’s date. Go ahead, circle it and declare that today is the day.  Now here is where we are gonna switch it up a little bit because the next statement or declaration may be different for each one of you. Still make it; whatever it is.

Declare that today is the day that your life changes forever in whatever way and in what ever situation that you need it to.  Today is the day. Today is the day that I decide to stop living in the past. Today is the day  I won’t be afraid of the future. Today is the day that I find the courage to move out, move on, move forward or maybe it is even the day to go back and face whoever and whatever needs to be dealt with. Today is the day that I am sick and tired enough of being sick and tired, and I’m going to get my life back, or begin my life or take back my life from somebody who has mishandled it, and should never have had it in the first place. Today I’m getting my groove back and getting my body back. Today I’m getting my happy back! Today is the day that I will wake up my dreams and start the project. Today is the day that I will put the dream to bed and live presently in my reality. Today is the day that I stop pretending and start being who I really am; instead of who I think you want me to be. Today I am getting out of here! Today I am moving over there. Today I just don’t care. Today is the day I’ll say yes, or Today I’ll say No! or maybe, but I will say something. Today is the day I will listen. Today is the day I will hear. Today is the day I will get up, get out, get free or get hitched. Today is the day I will choose to be happy. Today is the day I will choose to be free. Today is the day I know that it’s gonna be okay and  I’m okay and I believe that today. Today I am, today I will, today I have. Today I forgive. Today I am healed, delivered, saved. Today I will live! Today!Today !Today! Not tomorrow, but today. Right here, right now, Today.

Declare it, say it, do it, believe it! That’s right say it out loud so you can agree with you and the universe can too. It’s time; you know it…so do it; just do it, yes… Today.





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