I am a writer, author … and recently while working on a project with someone else, I felt the challenges of trying to merge my ideas with another’s.  Initially I was writing and I was on a roll strictly based on my own ideas. Then when I would meet up with the other person to share what I had written; in the beginning my ideas were a little bit different from what they had in mind. So this meant that I had to go back and rethink some of my ideas  I had to find a way to incorporate my ideas with this other person in order for both of us to be able to write the story and find a happy ending.

Here’s how I managed it…first of all I had to listen to them and not just listen, but I had to hear in order to be clear as to what they were really trying to say. I did this so I could express it in a way that we were both able to be clear. This took some give and take. I had to give in to some of my co-authors ideas, but I still got to put in my own two cents.

In life we are co-authors with the creator of the universe in this process that we call life. Sometimes he allows us to help him write along with him just like I did with my co- author. However, there are times when he does as I did in the beginning and he writes in his own vernacular without our input.  Sometimes we like what he writes and other times we push to have him change words and even entire paragraphs.  Well, I think that I am not the only one who has come to realize that more often than not this does not work with the co-author of life. You see, I was getting paid for co-authoring with this other person so this made me a little bit more apt to compromise. However, in this other partnership there is not the same kind of pay off. 

Don’t be discouraged though. There is still a way be a part of this script too. It’s called trusting  in the lead writer.  Yes, that’s right. Sometimes we must trust the maker even when we don’t know what he is doing or where he is going. My co-author had a hard time initially allowing me to do what I do, but then as the story began to form; I would see the smiles and nods of approval. Finally I knew they had come to trust my ability.  This is the way we must learn to be also. We have to trust the one who knows the end of our story at the beginning and all of the chapters in between.

Sometimes it may look like the stories over, but then there comes a twist and it’s like, Wow! I  didn’t see that coming. Then there will be other times when it feels like you’re just getting to the juicy part of the story and then bam! That chapter is done. Didn’t see that coming. That’s what a good story does though. It’s not predictable, but it does all come together in the end one way or another. Not always just the way we might have thought, expected or planned, but one thing you can count on is that if you have the right co-author; in the end all of it will eventually work together for your good! Really…

Hold on to see how the next chapters going to read okay! Your stories not over yet.













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