You’ll never be more successful at anything than simply “being” your best self!

This is just a thought…If you really became as successful as you hope to be; what kind of individual would you be? Would you remain the same or would there be a drastic change? Would that change be for the better or for the worst. Would the core of your being be as solid as it once was or would the structure perhaps do a shifting?

All of these are hypothetical questions I am posing to you that if you are bold enough to ask yourself and courageous enough to answer with complete honesty; then you may just have a blue print for your life’s success track.

In a book that I love to read, one of the writers talks about being both abased and abound and how to handle them both. His recommendation was self contentment. You see ,life is strange with its twist and turns. Sometimes you are high, and sometimes you may be low, however the way that you respond in each of these places will show who you really are.

The creator and the universe already knows who you are; even better than you do I might add. They are never surprised by your responses or reactions, however you may often surprise yourself and others may often be surprised by you.  That’s why it is important to evaluate yourself often. Ask yourself, ” If I became a millionaire tomorrow, or obtained everything I desire, what would that look like? ”  Would I still be recognizable to the world around me? My world, my inner circle?  Would people still see “me”?  Or would I look like someone else.

I have watched many people allow success to change them drastically. Their attitudes, personality, disposition, character. When they were average or low they were nice, kind, thoughtful and considerate, however when they “arrived” or so they thought, all of those things went south. Unfortunately, life is kind of funny. Sometimes success is short-lived and one may find that they receive the monopoly card that says, “Go back to start”.  How you have handled yourself and your dealings all along the way, will have a great impact on the journey no matter where you are in the process. Remember that sign that so many of us had hanging in the work place? It read, Be careful of the toes you step on on your way up because they just might be connected to the butt you may have to kiss on your way down? Hm…now that’s a thought.

I remember once after being away on a very successful part of my own journey and returning to a place that humbled me; one day while in conversation with a person I had known for years, but who really did not know of all of my “trophies” if you will; When she discovered that I had this and had done that she seemed shocked. I remember how she paused and she looked at me and she said, “You know, you’ve always been the same”. I asked her what she meant by this statement?  and she replied, ” Well,  I never would have known that you did all of those things or you had all of those credentials because whenever you are here, you’re just “you”.  That is absolutely by far one of, if not the greatest compliments that I have ever received.

No matter where I am, what I have or do not have, or what position I hold in life; the one I will always cherish the most is simply being “me”.  No matter where you find yourself on your journey, strive to always be your “authentic self” then success can and will be yours because it will trust you. In reality, what you may find is that the success you have been striving for is already yours, and you may not have even realized it. To thine own self be true because all else is a counterfeit. Trust yourself to be your best you and success will always find you.

I wish you great success!



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