“Do Your words Build or Kill?” Speak Life…

There are people who build and others who tear down. Today I’d like to pose this question…Which kind are you? Do your words sharpen and lift or is your mouth and automatic bulldozer? Words are the most powerful tool in your arsenal and in the end, they will make you or break you.

I remember when I was much younger having a conversation with my mother and she said to me, ” Be careful how you handle your words; once you say something you can never take it back and people don’t forget, particularly the things that hurt and offend them.”

How unfortunate it is that we hold onto the negatives, and sometimes the positives get lost in the air like the letters in alphabet soup.  A good book I once read says that the little mechanism between your teeth holds the power of life and death. It might not look like much on the surface, but she’s a bad girl!  She can make grown men cry; cause children to doubt themselves for life, make spouses feel inadequate, and employees like worthless, useless vessels.

On the other hand, if she wants to and she learns how to do it right; she can change lives, mend bridges, cause wars to cease, make you feel like you’re the best thing since sliced bread and make you melt like butter!

Today, watch what you say. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You are responsible for your words and though it may not be enforced today, you are also accountable for what you say and all that you have said. Look around you; you just might be seeing the results of your speaking right now…

Be a people builder and not a wrecking ball! The structure that you build may just be the one to save your life and the one you tear down could keep the demolition derby going for a lifetime. Which would you prefer to be responsible for?  Personally , I would prefer to be a people builder…


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