Sometimes “Silence” speaks louder than words…

When you think about no words being passed, you may feel that there is an absence of communication. However, quite the contrary; don’t be so quick to judge because silence often resounds with a greater degree of prolific utterances than words may ever speak. In the stillness of its’ own muteness, silence resonates as it echoes all of the things that come from the place where communication initiates; in our minds, in our thoughts and spirits. It speaks from places that are too complicated for words or even sometimes too afraid, yet somehow still the messages are clear, loud and concise.

Sometimes silence means consent, but sometimes it represents utter disagreement. You have to be careful and play close attention as you make your interpretation or you just might miss the most important things. You can see it in the eyes, which are said to be the windows to the soul. You can see it in the countenance of a person or in the demeanor that reflects and mirrors the inner most crevices of the heart.

There are two primary characteristics to be attributed to this form of communication and they are levels of closeness and levels of distance. How can these two opposites meet for the same cause. I don’t really have an answer for that; all I know is that they do. When people are far away silence speaks, when people are close in proximity silence speaks. However here is the common denominator; their must be a heart connection. A heart connection crosses all apparent boundaries and obstacles. When hearts connect between those far away there is a place that says I hear you, I feel you, I see you though I don’t even know your name. You are me…even though we may not look alike or have the same affiliations and/or experiences, there is a part of me that agrees with and feels a part of you. A good example of this might have been watching hurricane Katrina on the television.  When hearts are connected between people close together, silence says we are one; I feel what you feel, I hear what you’re saying and I understand though no words may ever pass between us. A good example of this is a couple that  has been married for a long time.

I would admonish everyone to pay attention to the silence. If you listen closely, you just might hear more than you ever thought was possible to be heard in the absence of words. Silence speaks loudly, and sometimes much louder than words so listen to the silence…it just might be speaking to you!

Creatively yours,



One thought on “Sometimes “Silence” speaks louder than words…

  1. I’m really going through a particularly hard time in my life where I am not sure if I should say something or let silence do the talking. Your post is nice though, because silence does say a lot.

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