Prayer…The ultimate communication

We often talk about all kinds of ways to communicate and the variety and diversity of relationships where these communications are performed. Today, I want to talk about the ultimate communication because ultimately, at some point in all of our lives we will find ourselves at, or in a place where this form of communication is the only valid choice.

As a communications specialist, I instruct and assist people on how to communicate with themselves, their peers, co-workers, family members, spouses; employees, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers. However, today I want to talk to you about how to communicate with someone who is not visible nor seemingly even tangible. Yet, even though you may not see him, you know that he is there; if you believe. Personally, I choose to refer to him as God or spirit, sometimes…Jesus. You may call him higher power, creator, the big guy in the sky… I suppose it really doesn’t matter as long as you approach him with reverence, honor and respect.

This ultimate communication is  called “prayer”. Believe it or not, there is a give and take exchange in this interaction just like with all other communication, which means that prayer is supposed to be a reciprocal act. This means you talk to God as you would with anyone else, but sometimes we miss this second step. Really the same way we miss it in our human relations; It’s the part where you have to stop talking, shut up and listen. Ahhh, I do realize that for most of us, that’s a hard part.

You see, in prayer there are a few things that you need to do. First, give reverence and honor to the one that is higher than you; next you allow your worries and anxieties to at least pause, but preferably be put away. This is because you see, if you are going to worry then it’s pointless to pray, and if you’re going to pray by all means it is pointless to worry.

There is a passage of scripture in the Bible for you who believe, which says in the fourth chapter of Philippians; Be anxious for nothing, i.e. (Don’t worry) instead it tells us that we should speak, talk, ask pray…yet while we are praying, we should also give thanks as we make our request known. Then we are instructed to make our request known and here is where we find peace. In essence, tell God, this is what I need or want or both, and now I’m going to give it back to you. In exchange, you will give back to me peace of mind for trusting enough to believe that you can handle it. Sounds good to me.

Boy we might just be onto a model for human communication as well. Speak ; ask for what you need or request what you want; then say thank you before you get it, and believe that you will receive it. Now wouldn’t that be something? It would certainly eliminate the communication called fighting don’t you think?

Well, I found my self needing to communicate with my creator and higher power of whom I choose to call “God” on today. I followed the format that I just gave you and now I’m in the stage that I forgot to tell you about. It’s called waiting for the answer. Now this is the rather tricky part because we never know the time frame on this waiting.  Answers sometimes come immediately, sometimes they linger a bit and take days, and months. Ever so often they even hold out on you for years. Here’s the catch though; you must still believe. that’s right, believe that you were heard, believe that you articulated your need well and believe that your answer is already on the way.

This is the ultimate communication of prayer. You may have a need to communicate with God on today so now you have the means to do it. Feel free to communicate, go ahead and just pray.

The answer is already on the way!

Peace and Blessing,



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