I see you…

We have in the past week talked about saying something, being heard, and today I want to talk about being seen.  One of the greatest fear, anxieties and  miscommunications, is that nobody sees us. Every human being has the desire to be notices, to be seen, to have someone pay attention to them. Our mere existence is for this very reason. Now perhaps someone might be saying “Oh, that’s kind of egotistical and self-serving to say aloud.” Well I’m saying it , but most people are thinking in and there is absolutely nothing egotistical about it at all it actually a natural response.

We were not created to live alone, be alone, or experience our lives with out an audience. Now, we may not all have the opportunity of having our lives played out before the world; and thank God right? However, most of us do want somebody looking. Marriage is often described as having someone to be an audience to your life. Other relationships sometimes provide this too; family, sometimes friends and acquaintances. Perhaps most people  may not be have an entourage but everybody should have someone looking on to say great job, I’m proud of you!

I remember once when I was acting in a play on my first tour, an unknown on a stage full of “stars”. I was just a little bit uncertain of myself; not knowing if I was good enough or at least if people would think so. I was still confident though, and I went onstage with excitement and eagerness to be seen as one of them. I prayed and asked God to allow me to do my best and that someone would be blessed by my performance. Well, I brought it, and I knew it! People came up to me after the show and asked for my autograph. They congratulated me on a stellar performance, and told me how great I was. Even my fellow cast members reassured me that I had earned my place among the ranks of my fellow actors.. I still remember however, that once I got out of costume and we were all back on a quiet bus. People began calling their significant others and their children or whom ever to share their moment. Somehow even though I had received the highest of accolades from many people and peers, at the time I didn’t feel like I had anyone significant to share my moment with. I thought to myself, “who saw me?” Who knows that I did well? There was no husband or boyfriend at the time, or children. I did not want to wake up my mom, and she really wasn’t excited about me doing this show anyway because she did not like how the character that I played was treated.

I recall that there was a sadness then in my inner being, then I heard a voice say…”I see you” and because I believe the way that I do; I believe that it was spirit; God’s spirit specifically letting me know that he was watching, and he saw me. That gave me consolation in the moment because I always want to please my creator. I must admit however, I still yearned for a human eye-witness to call my own. You see, we all need someone, some living, breathing person to say to us… Good job! You go girl! You did it man! baby I’m so proud of you!  “I see you”  “I see you”  “I see you” …”I see you”. Not just anyone either, but someone we love and trust, and we know they love us too enough to speak truth, affirmation, validation…

Who sees you? Whose depending on you to see them? Somebody is, even when you don’t think anyone is noticing, they are. Somebody needs you to notice too. Maybe it’s your daughter or your son, your spouse or your parent, your student, co-worker, or employee? Perhaps it’s someone who you might not even feel that close to, but you have been brought into their lives for the very purpose of watching them live out loud?

When you figure it out, let them know you’re looking; say something! say it in a voice where they can hear you too, please. Their destiny just might be depending on you knowing how to communicate effectively. I know you can do it. Look at you…

I see you,



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