I can’t hear you…

Communication is such a key element in all of our relationships and affairs. This is why it is so crucial that we understand how to do it effectively. It’s crazy because sometimes we think that we are doing this and we actually don’t have a clue. We believe that we are being heard and speaking clearly because we are speaking in the same voice as another person. However, this may not be the case at all. You may be speaking English, and have correct definitions for all of your word usages, yet still be speaking in a foreign language.

It is so important to know and understand the language of the person or persons you are speaking to, otherwise you will be simply talking loud and not saying a thing. The other day I was having a conversation with someone I love and who is dear to me; I began to tell the person about an encounter that I had with someone else. It was a positive encounter, and it made me feel good. My loved one listened and then replied, “Well I felt the same way” .  Surprised by this comment, because I never heard the words come from this person, I said, “Really, well I would have never known this because you didn’t say anything”. Then their response was, “Well I thought you knew I thought it, but I guess I just didn’t express to you”.

Hello! I am not a mind reader and most of the people around you are not either. Therefore you must learn to communicate what you are feeling in a way that the people who you need to get the message to can receive it. For the record, it generally has to be spoken. The words need to come out; the right words in the right way. Now granted, there are isolated instances when there may not be a verbal exchange and there is a mutual understanding, but for the most part this does not happen.

You can think it all day, but if you do not find a way to translate this to the party that needs to receive it, read me lips…you are operating on mute. That’s right, if you are not saying anything no one can hear you. I told you yesterday that you need to say something. When communicating with another person or persons; you can’t just say something however, you have to say it with relevancy and clarity where they can hear you.

Being able to be heard means that you must learn how to speak in a way that relays the message that you wish to convey. Silence does speak, but it may not be saying what it is you need to be heard.If this is the case, you may be mouthing to a volume that is on off. Even though you may think you are saying something, the other party is saying “I can’t hear you”.

Turn up the volume in your relating and communicating. Learn how to speak so you can be heard because you don’t want to live your life on mute with people constantly saying, “I can’t hear you”.


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