Say Something!

Everything in this world begins with a word and if you think that you are going to get anything accomplished in this life silently, boy do I have news for you…Not! It’s never going to happen. If you ever want to see something; then the very first thing that you must do is say something! That’s what i said. Open up your mouth and allow life to pass through those beautiful lips and say something. Words are life and life does not live until it is given breath and a voice.

In the beginning of creation it says that the almighty looked and saw nothing, and the first thing that he did was?  That’s right! Speak. He said something. He said, Let there be. This is what you must do also. You have to speak to your destiny, speak to your circumstances and situations; speak life. You will only have what you say. Granted saying it alone probably won’t be enough, however chances are that if you do not start by speaking then you will never see anything come to pass.

Words are so powerful. So watch what you say too because speaking the wrong things are as detrimental as not speaking at all. I admonish you to open up your mouth and serve notice to the universe about the things that you want for your life. Tell the world who you are, what you want and how you envision this happening. Agree with God for all that he has planned for you then say something.

In my own life, every step toward greatness that I have ever taken began with me saying something and the moment a stopped seeing things happen; I realized that it was because I wasn’t saying anything or either I was saying the wrong things. Just as soon as I corrected this issue and begin speaking again, I started to believe again and eventually began seeing again. Faith comes by hearing so if you’re not hearing anything you are not believing anything, and if you are not believing anything than there is a 99.9% chance that you aren’t seeing anything. So say something.

Communication is the key. Speak and watch your atmosphere rise to the occasion. Don’t be afraid, go ahead and open up your mouth and just see what happens it just might surprise you! Say something!


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