Three Hundred Sixty Five…


We left off on the final word in the phrase “Happy New Year”. We looked at happy, and then we dissected The new; so now let’s take a look at year…

Year- a unit of time that is equal to 12 months or 365 or sometimes 366 days

For starters, like words, numbers are so powerful and meaningful. they all have significance and just like words when they are put together or taken apart they speak volumes. The definition of a year is three hundred and sixty five days. That also totals 12 months. We could break it down into weeks, hours, and so on, but for right now let’s take a look numerically at this 3 – 6 – 5.

The number 3 represents represents divine wholeness, personal completeness, unity in the spirit and it most often associate with the first property of God; the triune or trinity.

The number 6 is the opposite of the number 3. It represents incompleteness and humanness. It is also seen as the number of harmony and balance, which might explain why it takes its place in the middle between three and five. Some also associate this number with sin and evil.

The number five is looked upon as small or only half of a whole. It is also seen as the number representing grace or unmerited favor; meaning it is something that is not earned or deserved, but freely given.

So now what does all of this mean? Perhaps nothing at all…perhaps everything that you need to get from day one to day three hundred and sixty five of this year. However, one thing is certain; there are 365 days in the year 2014. Right now we have experienced about twenty five of them that are now gone forever, never to return.

What happens in the next 340 are totally contingent upon what each and everyone reading this decides it’s going to be. You can decide that this year you will work on becoming whole, one with yourself and your creator; instead of continuing to look outside of yourself for love, joy, peace…the things that make you happy. Decide that this year you will work from the inside out and once you become whole, all of the things that you hope and dream for will find there way to you.

Secondly, you will not sit around waiting for bad things to happen. You will expect the best always, but still realize that each year brings with it a mixture of circumstances, situations, joy and pain, happiness and sorrow, yet in the end it all somehow seems to balance itself out. You may not be able to control everyday, but you are in control of how you handle it and how you allow it to affect you.

Finally, recognize that even if you feel like you only have a little, a handful…use what you have and watch how the grace of God multiplies it. Little becomes much when you place it in the master’s hand.

Happy New Year! is it? Will it be? Can it be? The choice is really up to you… Use your unit of time wisely and live everyday to the fullest.

Joyous New 365,


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