Happy New Year Part II

Hello everybody!

I told you that I would continue my post from January 13th on today, which is a new day. Yesterday we were looking at how to properly understand the statement “Happy New Year” and how the words fit together and what they mean when they are taken apart. Yesterday we looked at the word “Happy” and today we will look at 2) the word “New”: The definition of new is defined as not old : recently born, built, or created; not used by anyone else previously. Now all of these definitions are appropriate, however what intrigued me the most was the definition stating not used by anyone else previously. This may be a little bit far fetched,but I wonder if years were ever used by anyone else previously? Just something to think about for you open minded intellectuals. Nonetheless, here’s another thought…what if we could recycle our years? Do you have a particular year that you would like to reuse, redo, relive? Well, we could get into a whole lot of intense discussion and communication about any of these ideas. However, let’s just stay focused on “New”.

New is fresh, it is a clean start, an opportunity to begin again… Even if it were possible that new could have been somebody else’s old; when it comes your way it becomes new if you choose to see it that way, treat it that way, and be in sync with it. With each new year you have an opportunity to begin again; to start with a clean slate or if you choose to; you can just drag the same ole same ole into the following year. I mean really, the only thing that physically changes is the calendar. Unless you decide to see it, do it and be it differently; nothing at all changes except the date. What I am saying is that “New” begins with and depends on you. New becomes the choices you make, the changes you choose the expectations that you decide to embrace. New is contingent upon you; otherwise new is simply the old that has been told that it is something different. So the real challenge is to communicate both to yourself and those around you that you believe change has truly occurred…

Next time I will take a look at the last and final word in this phrase, which is “year”. So keep following because I want to make sure that you don’t miss anything this year or in any of those yet to come. I’ll meet you back here so we can discuss the word “Year”. Until next time, be joyous and choose new…now.

Creatively yours,


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