Remember who you are even when others forget

Have you ever heard people referring to you as someone or something that you have never associated yourself with? You hear them talking about you and sometimes even to you, and you find yourself wondering…who in the world are they talking to or about?  They couldn’t be talking about me or referring to me, could they?  Then you ask yourself this next question…Don’t they know who I am? Where I’ve been? What I’ve done?  Really? They’re calling you last when you know that you are first. They call you beneath when you’ve always been above. They’re acting like they really don’t know, but they need to ask somebody!

Now here is some hard real truth. Sometimes they do know, but they just act as though they have forgotten because they choose not to remember.  Sometimes they don’t know because they have never known that person or seen you operate from those parameters, and sometimes they have had a dose of selective amnesia because you are finally at the place they’ve always wanted you to be; the place where you have forgotten who you are so it’s easier for them to act like they have too.

Sometimes they don’t want to remember how fabulous and talented, how gifted, creative and intelligent you are because then they have to be reminded of the fact they maybe they aren’t.  Sometimes they don’t want anyone to realize that amazing person who did this or achieved that is you. Oh yeah they remember, but because it appears that you don’t; they are happy to oblige you in forgetfulness. Finally, they think… he’s/she’s not that special after all because if you don’t remember why should anyone else?

Oh but trust me there is still somebody out there who knows you, I mean the real you. They remember how wonderful and amazing you are. They know about all of your greatness and splendor. They recall a time when everybody else knew it too, including you. They are wondering when will you emerge again? Will the real you please stand up. They miss you because they remember.

So when will you remember who you really are/? When will you get back into circles where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Where people aren’t taking advantage of your off-season and treating you like the help. When will you stop being someone else’s back up, when clearer they know better than you that you are supposed to be the star of the show. You’d better get back in position because that person trying to take your place has the universe out-of-order. What God created you to do can only be successfully accomplished when you’re doing it. You are messing up the equilibrium of the world.

Sure many are doing your job okay, but He deserves better than just okay. He deserves spectacular! So you better get your act together and stop worrying about whether or not they remember. You remember who you are, even when others forget…



Don’t die in winter…

It is the third day of March and most of us have experienced exceptionally different climates in the past couple of months. We were supposed to be in the thick of winter, and bam! There was that weather that felt like Spring and even Summer time. It fooled us for a minute, but then before we knew it here would come the cold again. Climates can be tricky like that. As soon as you settle in for one kind of weather, here comes another.  Life can be this way at times too.  As soon as we have finally adjusted to it being one way, it changes the game on us. You know how it is. You become accepting of where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with; then all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky here comes the snow and it’s time to go. Right about the time you manage to convince yourself that the rain might not be so bad after all since it appears the sun is never going to shine again; then here comes the sun shining smack dab amidst the showers.  And by golly snow is on the top of the roof and you tell yourself and everyone else that nothing will ever bloom here again because that season of your life is over!  It’s cold and everything looks drab and dead, but wait a minute…doe I see flowers blooming in the winter time?

I was doing a seminar a week or so ago and one of the attendees came up afterwards to share with me. In our conversation, she reminded me of a book that we had both read and been blessed by entitled “Don’t die in the winter”.  I had really forgotten all about this wonderful read until she reminded me, and then it all started coming back to me. You see our lives like everything else go through seasons. However, just as the weather seasons are confusing us these days, the seasons of life also follow suit. Thais is why you can’t get caught up in  what you see and feel. You have to keep checking the forecast and always be ready for sudden change. Here in the south we learn how to do this well. You carry a couple of different clothing attires just in case there is a sudden change. Anything is possible.

I remember some years ago when I lived just outside of New Orleans. I had just started trying my hand at gardening. Someone had given me a large hibiscus plant because I often commented on how much I loved the beautiful flowers when they were in full bloom. I worked with my plant the entire summer and fall hoping to have success and beautiful flowers, but it never would bloom. I moved it from the side patio to the front patio, and as a last resort to the bottom floor beneath some trees. This was the last stop before the trash dumpster around the way. Then this particular morning it was the beginning of winter and particularly chilly for these parts; I was rushing out of my front door running a little bit late and somewhat discombobulated.  I dropped my things as I was going down the stairs and when I turned to pick them up there it was. I probably would have missed it had I not had the blunder. However, it caught my eye and it was the most beautiful reddish-orange flower I had ever seen. I paused for just a moment as I took the beauty of it into myself before I hurried to my car.

All along my drive I just kept thinking…but it’s winter time. How could it be blooming in winter time? It didn’t make sense to me, but it was so refreshing and invigorating. It kept me smiling even as I shivered from the cold. The thing that had seemed to be unfruitful, past it’s season, dead and non-producing had brought forth life. Now let’s be  clear, also that it was not just life, but beautiful life! It was glistening beneath the frost bite like it had showed up right on time and was supposed to be there,.and I believe that it was. So you see, just like that hibiscus,  you can’t die in the winter because perhaps it is the season that was intended for you to bloom, right where you are planted…




Don’t call the game too soon…

Okay, so what about that Superbowl game everybody? Did you guys see how that game changed? I turned on the game and found a score of 28 to 3 and figured okay, clearly this is an upset for New England Patriot  fans? A dear friend who s a football fanatic called and we spoke for a few minute right before half-time, and I shared my thoughts. His only reply was, “It’s still anybody’s game; until  the final minutes… it ain’t over until it’s over.”

Well I must admit that to my natural eye with a 25 point lead going into the second half, it seemed pretty clear-cut to me, but I’m no football guru. I went on doing other things, napping, eating, and channel surfing. By the time I returned  to the game there was a tie and the game was going into overtime. Just that quickly New England had caught up to the Atlanta Falcons, upset the entire game and well as you know, the rest is history.

So now this brings me to you. Perhaps there are places in your life where you feel like are behind in the game and it seems like it’s almost impossible for you to catch up and  win. Think again my friend! Things aren’t always as they appear. You have to keep on playing the game as though winning is still an option. If you give up too soon you are sure to lose, but if you think that you still have a chance at winning, then the odds are in your favor.

It is important that you do not give up, but play hard until the very end. You must keep playing the game with one goal in mind, winning. Even when you don’t see any points on your score board and it appears you are defeated, perhaps it’s just an illusion. You must go into your mind’s eye and supernaturally see yourself a winner. Then act like the outcome is that you win. You were created to be a winner. This means you’ve already won you just have to catch up to yourself. When your attitude stays here nothing else really matters.

So don’t get caught up by what you see on the outside, it’s what you believe and see on the inside that counts. Use your internal mirror and remember, you have what you say.  Keep fighting, keep working, keep striving, keep moving , keep praying, keep believing until the victory is recovered because it’s already won. It ain’t over until it’s over. Don’t call the game too soon…


You don’t have to wait to celebrate!

Since the beginning  of the year we’ve been talking about getting there and how to do that step by step. So today I want to take a brief moment and just encourage you to give yourself a little credit. It’s Friday and for most of us that means the end of a work week. Even if you are not on a conventional job you’ve been working on something. If nothing else, you’ve made it from Monday until today. You may not have accomplished everything that you wanted to, but I’ll bet you’re not where you were when we started out on Monday. Even if you’re saying, “yes I am”. I’m saying, “No you’re not!”

You are not where you were then because we are in a new day at a new time and even if you didn’t do anything else, you stayed alive. That’s something to celebrate! Maybe things could be a lot better, and you could have or should have done more, and you may not have gotten through or to all that you hoped, but you’re still here! You were strong enough, smart enough, and resourceful enough to make it to another day whatever that took. You did it!

So now it’s time to celebrate. That’s right, that’s what I said, celebrate! Pat yourself on the back; give yourself a little credit and say I made it. Then look forward to things being better tomorrow and do what you can to see that it happens, but you don’t have to wait to celebrate. I’m giving you permission to celebrate on credit! Take your hooray off lay-away and remember what joy will feel like when you really get there. Practice makes perfect right? So practice feeling good about you and your accomplishments no matter how small they are.

Do a little dance, have a piece of chocolate, take a bubble bath, hug someone you love, hug yourself, throw a praise party! Whatever your feel good remedy is, as long as it’s legal, not lethal and loving toward you; give yourself a dose and celebrate now.Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, but today is here. Why wait? Celebrate something today!



Step by step…

Have you ever been fortunate enough to observe a little one taking those first powerful steps?  If you have, then you understand why I am calling them powerful. They are powerful because before the baby actually took those steps; he/she probably crawled, wobbled  and even fell down quite a few times. It may have taken a while to get balanced and to be able to stand up tall.

However, the beauty of it all is the lesson that babies teach us. They teach us resiliency, tenacity, courage and faith. You see, even though it may take them a minute to get it together, they keep at it. Sure babies may wobble, but they keep trying. They may fall, but they keep getting back up and trying it again. Now here is the best part of all; until they can actually stand and step; they will crawl and scoot or even scream for somebody to pick them up if they cannot do it all by themselves.

I would say that we all need to pay attention to the antics of these wise little people. Yesterday I talked about getting there. I ended with the challenge to start moving. I am going to issue that same challenge on today, but with a clause. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a little credit. Like the babies, maybe you too have been scooting, wobbling and falling as you try to get there. Don’t get discouraged, get up! Get up and try again until finally you are able to stand on your own two feet and take a step. Then just keep stepping.

Oh, and by the way, take another tip from the babies. If you see that you cannot do it all by yourself, cry out and ask for help. Don’t let pride stop you from getting the help you need. Perhaps you have not because you ask not, so ask.  Finally, take courage my friends and just step out on faith. Faith is not seeing every step ahead, but stepping out anyway in the belief that it will be okay. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Don’t worry about falling. Babies aren’t concerned with that. They’re just curious to see how far they can travel in order to make it to the next step.  You can make it to the next step too, so just take one step at a time. Before you know it you’ll be on a journey you may have never imagined!

I’m rooting for you, keep stepping!




Are we there yet?

Okay, so here we are in the last day of the first month of another new year. Thirty-one days in…334 more to go. So I want to pose the question; Are we there yet?  Are you there yet? Now I know many of you are probably saying,  “What is she talking about now?”  Well, let me clear it up for you just a little bit.

At the beginning of each new year we turn a new page, start a new chapter, clean the slate and supposedly begin again, right? So that’s why I’m  asking the question; Are we there yet?  Because surely a month has been enough time to at least have traveled a good distance. At least that’s what we all assume anyway.

Somehow it seems like times just flies though, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re having fun or not. I mean, is it really January 31, 2017? Seems to me I was just saying good-bye to 2016 yesterday and we’re already on the eve of February, which by the way will here tomorrow and gone the next day practically. If we are not careful we could look up and already be in June! Yes, that soon.

I know it’s shocking and scary particularly because you haven’t lost one pound on your thirty-day diet yet, and you’ve paid the gym fees for the month, but the treadmill hasn’t carried you a step. You were supposed to find that new job, start looking for that new house, get out of the bad relationship or become a better spouse, but dang time just crept up on you. You just haven’t had time to do any of those positive, life transforming resolution type things that you promised yourself you would do.

You haven’t scheduled the doctor appointment or gone back to church or called to make amends with that old friend; so to answer my own question…No, we’re not there yet because some of us are still trying to figure out where there is, and how to get there even if we have a GPS.  Yet wait a minute, it’s okay. We may not be there, but we are still here, and that has to count for something, right?

It does. It means we’re not dead and that is a blessing.  However, lets not take being here for granted, and continue using  it not only as an excuse for not being there yet, but for going nowhere.  Let’s take the initiative to start moving; step by step, day by day, minute by minute, month by month until finally we can answer; Well ,  I may not be there yet, but I’m certainly on my way! Let’s live life on purpose in 2017, and whatever we do, let’s not stop trying to get there because that really is the only way it’s going to happens. So let’s get moving people!



Love, forgiveness, and peace…

I have recently had the opportunity to have some very awesome spiritual experiences again. Quiet times of prayer, meditation and  reflection, as well as just tremendous fellowship!  I sat in a prayer meeting with someone who was very dear to me earlier in the week. We spoke no words, yet communication was stronger than ever. When you are able to sit in silence with another person, and be comfortable it is a beautiful thing.  When you can speak to the one who is bigger than both of you, and know that all of the unspoken request and blessings that you are wishing for that person; are being transmitted to the one who has the ability to bring them to pass on your behalf. You can walk away relieved and confident that the one that you love will be well.

The word of reflection on this particular occasion was Love. Patient, kind, forgiving,long-suffering…these are just a few of the spiritual attributes of love. However, the greatest definition of love is God because God is love. Therefore it is the light in us that exemplifies the love of God to others. We cannot however, show love toward others if love is not present inside of us for ourselves. So the first order of loving is to love God, and then to love yourself. This therefore allows the love within to love those who are outside of you.

When you have obtained the essence of love, then peace will follow.  I went to my first labyrinth walk on last night and it was the epitome of peace. The room was peaceful, the music was peaceful, the other people were peaceful, and I was peaceful. All the goodness that was within was absorbed by everything outside and it all became one big circle of peace. I could commune with the creator and He in turn could speak back to me because the peace allowed his voice to be heard. As I walked the path; my path, I humbled myself asking him for divine wisdom and guidance and he granted my request.  He also gave me correction, chastisement and instruction, which ultimately was him showing me love.

My next stop was in the place of forgiveness where I learned that it is important to say what you mean ans mean what you say. Now I’ve been saying this for years. However, saying something and living it are two very different dynamics. We say and some of us pray, ‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors… What does this really mean?  It would appear that we are asking for something that we are already giving to others.  Often this is not the case at all. Instead we are asking for something that we refuse to give another including ourselves.

Remember however where we began? We began with the light of love, which is  God on the inside of us. Therefore  if God is love and love is forgiveness then why do we withhold it?  The love nor the forgiveness inside of us was given to keep, but it was given to share and to empty and pour upon the world who needs its healing balm. From this the outcome is Peace.  Internal peace that causes external peace. What is nurtured on the inside shows up or is manifested on the outside.

So you see, everything that you need is present, but you must receive it. In order to receive, you must believe and in order to maintain you must give it away. The more love you give, the more you will get. The more forgiveness you extend, the greater the extension of mercy  and grace that will come back to you. The more at peace you became internally, the more peaceful the world around you will become because every where you go peace will reside because you bring it with you. So take some time to meditate on this today. Sing, sit, pray. Communicate with God and with goodness and embrace love, forgiveness and peace, but don’t forget to give some away!